Proven performance, prolonged durability & perfect finish

Our HVAC/R coating systems are formulated to protect your equipment from corrosion and degradation under extreme climatic conditions. HARDTOP Series has been developed to secure
a hassle free application despite challenging situations; OEM & On-Site. Extreme durability supported by excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. All Coatings are Low VOC’s, environmentally
friendly and provide flexibility in applications.

our technology:


Exterior cabinet protection and restoration coatings extend the life of your residential, commercial or industrial HVAC systems. The coatings withstand extreme weather
and provides superior corrosion protection. HARDTOP SERIES can be applied on powder coatings, rusty surfaces, galvanized or steel metals. This finish rejects dust, dirt, and it is easy to clean.


  • Aluminum Impregnated Polyurethane with
    excellent adhesion properties.

  • Aluminum Platelet formulation for excellent
    bridging capabilities.

  • Superior protection in severe environments.

  • Provides Integrity to the fins.

  • Excellent flexibility.

  • High resistance against mechanical & thermal stress.

  • Improves Energy Efficiency.

  • Hydrophobic formulation with self cleaning properties.



  • Restore HVAC Capacity

  • Extend Equipment Life

  • Increase Energy Efficiency

  • Reduce Maintenance Cost

  • Reduced Operating Cost

  • Proven Performance

  • Increase ROI


coating system


  • Coils

  • Evaporators / Condenser / Heat Exchangers

  • Refrigeration Unit

  • Chillers

  • Cabinet Casing

protect your

assets against:

  • Environmental Corrosion

  • Galvanic Corrosion

  • Chemical Corrosion

  • Thermal Loss

  • UV Degradation

  • Moisture & Condensation